Equepoise is a small sensor you attach to your helmet,  boots, lower legs or arms.  After a simple calibration procedure, it measures movement of your chosen limb and streams this information to an App on your Iphone.  This checks your limb movement against a preset limit and warns you if it is exceeded.

Take your head position, for example. With a human head weighing about 5Kg, horses are very sensitive to riders' head movements.  Ideally, you should keep your head upright and as level as  possible.  This takes training and Equepoise sensor can help you do it by tracking your head motion.  If you tilt your head too far forward or backwards, your phone will sound a gentle warning message.


It is worth noting that Equepoise is fully adjustable - you have control of the alarm limits and reaction speed which means it's great for all riders. Experts can set sharp reaction times with demanding limits whilst beginners can set easier targets.  To track your progress towards perfect posture, Equepoise records and graphs your performance.